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RockLan One Branding and Marketing

RockLan One is a Branding and Marketing Consulting firm. We have established a unique and strong business network within the  entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands, Grammy Award winning artists and  multi-platinum selling producers and DJs. With years of experience in the entertainment industry we’ve worked with numerous companies, promoters, fashion events, festivals, television networks, record labels and non-profit organizations alike to provide a wide range of services for their projects.

RockLan One has launched new services areas to maximize our client’s  growth potential including brand strategy and development, entertainment consulting and investment services. We partner with our clients allowing them to focus on their primary strategic objectives by managing our areas of expertise and executing all supporting activities. Our mission is to not only give our talent an audience, but also to provide each client with a unique experience through the entire process. We work  to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability and professionalism.

RockLan One consists of a collective team of creative and  strategy-driven professionals dedicated to delivering a premium outcome. We partner with leading companies and media to help bring growth to their businesses through our brand licensing and development, sponsorship sales, event properties, talents, media productions and other services. We maximize our industry knowledge and experience when creating exceptional value for new and existing clients.

RockLan One CEO - Greg “G3” Glaze

RockLan One Branding and Marketing

Brand Consultation and Evaluation

The key to building your brand is making sure that you have the right strategy in place. The first thing we will do is look over your current marketing plan including marketing strategies, music rankings and stats, social media channels and review your brand in its current state. We will give you suggestions in step by step format to help meet your overall goals. We have worked under major labels for 15+ years and understand the importance of goal setting and strategy in this business.

We will review your brand and if we feel we can help develop a strategy for you, we will put together a branding and marketing proposal with more info. We do not work with everyone. Some artists do not have realistic expectations or timelines when it comes to marketing. We must make sure that we are on the same page before we work on your brand.

Custom strategies for your brand:
· Social Media Branding and Optimization

· Music Distribution and Management
· Video Distribution and Management

· Social Media Targeting Campaigns
· Global Awareness Marketing

· Public Relations and Press

· Tour Management and Planning

· Cross Promotion Campaigns

RockLan One Branding and Marketing
RockLan One Label Management / A&R

More than a distributor RockLan One is your career partner and  guidance counselor. Today’s music business has changed dramatically and RockLan One leads the charge in Development, Marketing, Distribution and Promotion of Independent Music and Film Projects worldwide. Now you can sell, stream and license your music in the largest network of online music stores, streaming, video, and mobile providers in the industry. Increase your exposure, reach and connect with more, fans know where  your music, videos, streams, and more will be delivered to and how to market them.

RockLan One Distribution is comprised of 3 service divisions: Distribution Services, Artist Services and Publishing Services. All  three divisions work in alignment to provide each of our partners with a solid customized solution that meets their business needs. We are always developing our menu of music distribution, marketing and rights management services so that our label and artist partners will have the tools and resources they need to succeed today and tomorrow…

Our team of professionals make every one of our partners a customized marketing and promotional plan. You get to speak to a REAL PERSON and discuss your future plans while learning the most contemporary techniques available for your continued success.

RockLan One offers customized service for established artists tired of the traditional route, and emerging artists who want professional assistance and career planning. We provide dedicated professionals to manage your global campaigns. Our services will allow you the freedom to focus on creating great music and engaging with your fans:

Distribution: Projects are marketed and sold from within the same organization, from start to finish…

Project Management: Marketing, timeline, budgets, distribution, hired teams, advertising, brand integration and more…

Promotion: Build radio, video promotion plan and budget, hire teams manage efforts…

Sync Licensing: Placements include TV, Film, Trailers, Commercials, Game, Apps and much more…

Marketing: Oversee or assist with social networks, online marketing, brand integration, technology, tour marketing and development…

Publicity: Work with a wide variety of external PR companies and find the best match for each campaign…
RockLan One Branding and Marketing